Green Rating Integration Platform

Green Rating Integration Platform (GRIP) is a common platform and open database for five different Green Rating Systems that includes GreenLITES, LEED Retail, Sustainable Sites Initiative, Intermodal Port Authority, and MVeP. The objectives of this database are to facilitate users (green or sustainability practicing engineers, researchers, developers, contractors, and others) to find their project goals and technologies:

  • in a common platform and
  • within the alternative interdisciplinary rating systems, credit categories, and credit sub-categories.

At this stage, the project goals and technologies for the credit categories ‘Water’ and 'Materials' have been analyzed for the five rating systems.
Credit category ‘Water’ has 22 sub-categories within these five rating systems. The minimum number of sub-categories is two for a rating system and the maximum number of sub-categories for a rating system is seven. Each of these sub-categories has different goals which are also known as intents, and they adopt different technologies to accomplish these goals and they are also known as strategies.
The intents and strategies of the 22 credit sub-categories of water were analyzed. It was found that, these 22 sub-categories could be defined through 14 intents and 50 strategies. These 14 intents were classified as key intents and the 50 strategies were named as key strategies. The analysis reveals that, some sub-categories have only one key intents, some sub-categories have as many as six key intents. While the number of key strategies to accomplish the goals or intents of several credit sub-categories was one, it was found that, 13 key strategies were required to accomplish the goals of credit sub-category ‘On-site Water Resources’ under the rating system Sustainable Sites initiative.